Full automatic tool change options and much more!

Cooper-ATC has all the benefits of base Cooper with some added features. Cooper-ATC offers full automatic tool change option, tool compensation library, tool and height measure sensor, Bluetooth wireless handheld with over 36 combo buttons and much more. We also offer customizable machine color to match your shop theme!

Top of the CNC Lineup

Top of the CNC Lineup

Full Automatic Tool Change Options

Full Automatic Tool Change Options

Bluetooth Wireless Handheld

Bluetooth Wireless Handheld

Customizable Machine Colors

Customizable Machine Colors

Production CNC Router

12 horsepower spindle head, Powerful servo motors and all the latest features

Top of the line CNC router with all the features FGP offers. These are production machines for busy shops running at max capacity everyday. Cooper ATC comes standard with automatic tool changing function, tool library , tool measuring and zeroing sensors, collision detection, safety algorithm during tool change process.

In addition clients could add options such as mist, rotary 4th axis, pushdown pressure foot and pop-up positioning pins. Ask us how to customize this powerful router for your application.


Special Features Include:

  • 6-8 position automatic tool changer
  • 12HP (9KW) spindle cutting head with 24000 RPM
  • Tool measuring sensor and tool zeroing sensor
  • Closed-loop? system for movement accuracy of less than 5 thou (0.005 “)
  • Auto gantry square alignment using two independent sensors
  • Positioning pop-up pins (on some models)
  • FGP controller full 3D capability (multi-axis interpolation) and graphic user interface (HMI)
  • Job simulation and time estimation
  • Wireless remote with over 36 key combo
  • Auto motor calibration
  • Sharp corner compensation and much more


Set up one job with multiple tools and let the machine do the rest

  • 3D Routing using multiple tools
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Safety checks during operations to avoid collisions and position error
  • Travel speed up to 2500 inches per minute and acceleration of 50 in/s/s (on models with 750W servo motors or higher)
  • Ideal for cutting aluminum, ACM panels, MDF, cedar, polycarbonate, and non-ferrous material

Cooper-ATC CNC Router Details

Cooper-ATC is our most powerful model with specs that are made for a true production machine. Servomotors and drives along with precision helical racks and pinion give this machine travel speed of 2500 IPM! Cooper comes with a unique wireless handheld controller that allows for full or micro step jog as well as a combination of over 36 button configuration. All our Cooper series have remote log in and support options, which allows for offsite support, training, and troubleshooting.

These routers are extremely easy to operate and maintain. Machine components are all off the shelf that could be purchased from us or through local suppliers.

Some standard features on Cooper include:

  • 8” gantry clearance with heavy structure uprights
  • Maintenance-free self-lubricating bearing blocks
  • Wireless handheld pendant
  • High power servo motors and drive,
  • 9KW (12HP) air cooling spindle?with auto tool change
  • FGP controller with a graphical user interface
  • Vacuum tabletop with T-slot assist for clamps or jigs
  • Practical and well-designed dust collector head

FGP provides onsite training, support and remote login assistance

Cooper-ATC routers serve various industries:

Cabinet makers, Signs & prints, custom millworks, aluminum profiling, ACM and alucobond, plastic fabrication, metal fabrication, and many other industries

SOFTWARE TRAINING: FGP is the only company that includes FREE installation and training for all its customers. This training applies to machine operation and basic CAD/CAM programming. By the end of this training, an operator can design a job, create Gcode code, and operate the CNC machine! This training is done remotely through Teamviewer or Chrome desktop but onsite training is also available for an additional fee.


Cooper-ATC CNC Photos


CNC router for cabinet makers & custom millwork


Cooper-ATC Machine Specs

Maintenance free self lubrication bearings

Maintenance??free self lubrication bearings

Table Size 5’ x 10’ (1600 x 3200 mm ) Z axis 7” (180mm)
Frame Heavy duty steel frame, heat treated and stress relieved
Spindle Motor 12HP (9KW) 220V air cooling spindle auto?tool change.
Tool Changer 6 position ISO30 tool change
VFD Inverter Delta 15HP, 220V 3phase spindle driver
Linear Motion HIWIN?30 mm rails for X,Y

HIWIN?25 mm rails for Z

Transmission Helical rack and pinion for X,Y

Taiwan TBI ball screw for Z

Motors and Drives Japanese 850W Yaskawa motor and drives

2 motors on long axis, 1 on short and 1 on Z

Table top Vacuum cross hatch hard phenolic table top with Tslot assist. Multi zoning with 8 control valves
Controller FGP?control system with graphical user interface

Additional wireless handheld pendant available

Travel 2200 in/min rapid travel
Install & training FGP is the only company that offers free install and training on all machines! Training on software, CNC, design, CAM and maintenance

Standard Features

  • Remote login support for troubleshooting
  • Auto gantry square sensors
  • Tool sensor for job start reference
  • Tool measure and length compensation
  • Job simulation and onscreen follow
  • Job timing calculator
  • Software tuning calibration
  • Expandable control system for custom applications.
  • Spindle speed control through programming.
  • Manual overrides of spindle speed and feed speeds during run.
  • Maintenance free self lubricating bearing blocks


  • Machine runs on standard Gcode
  • Most CAD/CAM software in the industry works with this machine.
  • FGP can also provide CAD/CAM design software for 2D / 3D production. Some recommended software: Vcarve Pro, AlphaCAM, Enroute, ArtCam. We also have a list of cabinet and custom furniture software that work with our machines.


logos combined


Vacuum hold down pumps

Industrial-grade single-phase 220v vacuum pump is ideal for mid to large CNC table sizes from 5’x 5′ up to 5’x 8′ (or 25 ft? to 40 ft?). The integrated filtered air cooling and relief valve systems keep your Hurricane running cooler while the sound dampening base keeps the unit running quieter than other comparable systems.


  • ? ~400 CFM
  • ? 9.5 – 10 inHg Sealed Vacuum
  • ? 3″ Threaded Steel Intake Port
  • ? Dimensions: 34″x 17.5″x 17.5″
  • ? Single Phase 220 – 240 VAC / 30 Amps
  • ? NEMA L6-30P Plug (USA and Canada Spec)
  • ? 4 Long Life High-Performance Vacuum Motors
Suction vacuum pump for large CNC

Hold down material during CNC cutting with this 400CFM vacuum pump


Cooper-ATC Accessories

Accessories Included with each machine

  • Tool measure sensor
  • 3 endmill cutting bits
  • 1 ER25 collet
  • 1 ER25 collet wrench and 1 spindle shaft wrench
  • Vacuum zone rubber gasketing
  • Tabel adjustment leveling feet

Accessories available to purchase

  • Starter package
  • 2-1/2″ double insert spoil board surfacer
  • 1/8″ , 1/4″ and 1/2″ carbide spiral cutting endmills for wood, plastic and aluminum
  • 1/4″ spiral ball nose carbide for 3D work
  • 1/4″ V-bit for engraving

FGP CNC Products

We design and manufacture computerized 3 Axis and 4 Axis router tables, 3 Axis Laser cutting machines, and plasma tables.

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